The Agis Reusable Face Mask

AGIS Masks are made with the fabric material acquired from HeiQ Viroblock. It is the first-ever company to manufacture fabric that has been tested to protect against SARS-CoV-2. After going through thorough laboratory tests in Australia, the face mask material from HeiQ has been proven effective against coronavirus. It is made with intelligent Swiss technology that has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

What makes HeiQ Viroblock intelligent Swiss textile technology world famous?

Here are some of the valid points why you should buy AGIS Masks made with HeiQ Viroblock fabric:

  • The mask material has been tested in the laboratory and proven to repel virus and bacterial
  • Any harmful material touching the surface of the mask will automatically repel or become ineffective to harm the user
  • Made with intelligent Swiss technology to destroy harmful enveloped viruses
  • Uses advanced silver and vesicle technologies to keep away bacteria and viruses

Features of AGIS Masks

Here are some of the features of AGIS Masks:

  • AGIS masks offer three-level protection due to the strong fabric material. It repels viruses and bacteria as soon as they come close to the material. It has a smart antiviral and antibacterial impact that will prevent harmful viruses from going inside your mouth or nose.
  • Masks are reusable and reduce environmental waste. These masks are much better than surgical masks that don’t give you complete protection and cannot be reused.
  • AGIS masks are washable like any other fabric material. You need to maintain hygiene by cleaning and drying the cover properly. You can wear these masks for 12-hour straights before rewashing.

Instructions for use:  


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